Scottish Session

SUSPENDED - due to the virus, we've suspended sessions until further notice. We'll be distributing some new tunes and recordings via the mailing list so feel free to join (instructions below) to join in.

I run a Scottish traditional music session every Monday evening on Peckham Rye - if you play a suitable instrument and would like to play some Scottish music once in a while, we're a friendly bunch. The session has been running a while now; our first one was away back in March 2013.

Mailing list

There is a mailing list, which is fairly quiet. I send out music for new tunes to it each week or so. You can join the mailing list here, or if you email me I can add you.


Location is the Clock House, at 196A Peckham Rye, SE22 9QA. Local buses are the 12, 197, 63, 363, and it's about 20 minutes walk from any of East Dulwich, Peckham Rye, or Nunhead stations.


We play every Monday, upstairs at 7pm in "Blake's Bar" to learn a new tune or twa, then from 8pm at tempo.

Upcoming tunes

In an effort to impose order on the chaos, here's a spreadsheet setting out the "official" new tune each week. Music for the "new" tune will normally be emailed out to the mailing list afterwards, but we make a point of not routinely handing out dots for everything at sessions.


The word set should not necessarily be taken to mean the below are played in the order they appear or together. Some sets we play very consistently, others less so...please do let me know if there's anything missing or that you'd like to see. Requests welcome! Note the list is generally quite a bit out of date but if it's on the list, we should know it...

Calum's Road
4/4 Marches
Road to Banff Pipe Jigs
The Flat Key Jigs
Church Street Polkas
Flowers of Edinburgh reels
Spootiskerry set
Cape Breton Reels
Pipe Reels
Slow reels
Pipe Jigs
2/4 marches
2/4 Pipe Marches
More 2 parted pipe jigs
Wee reels
Pipe marches