Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers image

If you’d like to give someone a bagpipe experience, a gift voucher for bagpipe lessons may be the ideal solution.

Once the voucher has been received, the recipient can contact me ( directly to arrange a tuition slot. Tuition is provided on the same terms and conditions as regular students.

The recipient will need a practice chanter - a “standard plastic” type from a recognised maker (the National Piping Centre is a good place to find one, but if in doubt I can advise). No other materials are required as I supply all learning materials.

Vouchers are available for either one or three months tuition, and cost £115 and £345 respectively.


  • Vouchers are not refundable
  • Vouchers do not expire
  • Vouchers may not be used by the purchaser
  • Only one voucher may be used per person