There are few sounds like that of the Great Highland Bagpipe: whatever the occasion, the sound of the pipes will help make it a memorable one. Most commonly associated with weddings and funerals, pipers can also stand in at events such as ceilidhs, parties, corporate functions and other occasions.

In order to prepare effectively, it is best to book as far ahead as possible. It helps me plan accordingly and gives me time to perfect any particular requirements you may have. If you are not sure exactly what you would like, please feel free to ask - with many years of experience I can suggest what will work and what will not. I can discuss with you common arrangements and any modifications you might require.

I will confirm all the arrangements in writing, noting the time and venue, the event, any particular requirements or tunes, and so on. With regards to payment, it is normal to arrange payment at the event itself; due to a couple of bad experiences in the past I am no longer willing to invoice people afterwards without a deposit.